The AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature is absolutely a smart innovation

AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature – The AVG also known to design the software for the Android device as well. This software is available for free and there is also a paid version that gives extra benefits to the users. There are many great features that are available for users when they install the AVG Anti-Theft for the Android.

The AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature is absolutely a smart innovation

AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature

Features of the AVG Antivirus

The AVG Anti-theft is Android application which is available for free at the Google Play Store. You can visit the Google Play store and get the application now. Here are the benefits of having the AVG application on your device.

  • Antivirus – With AVG Anti-Theft, you will get the antivirus protection for the device and data. You will be able to dodge the threats from your system without any hassle.
  • Amti-Theft – This feature helps the user to protect the user against the theft. This means in case, your device is stolen or lost, you can navigate the location of the device and delete the entire data from it before it gets into the hands of a wrong person.
  • App Lock – You can create a PIN or Password for all or some of your application. These applications will have an extra layer of security which will help you secure it.
  • Camera Trap – Whenever some tried to unlock your device and they make 3 unsuccessful attempts. The camera clicks their photo and sends it to your email address.
  • Device Lock – If someone tries to steal your phone and removes the SIM card from the device. Then your device will get locked and you will get a notification of the same. No one will be able to use your device anymore.

What is AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature?

This is an additional security feature for the Android and tablet devices. You just need to enable the AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature in your AVG application. After that, you will be able to take benefit out of this application:

  • You have to add a PIN or Password before enabling the AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature.
  • After that, when someone who doesn’t know your PIN or Password tries to unlock your device.
  • And they make three unsuccessful attempts, the front camera of your device automatically clicks their photo.
  • Now, this photo will be saved on your gallery and the same will be sent to you on your email address.

This is why the AVG Anti-Theft Camera Trap Feature is called to be the smart innovation for the Android users.

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