How can I report a False Positive Detection to AVG Virus Lab?

False Positive Detection to AVG – With the increasing era of digitalization, the cybercrime also increased simultaneously. Nobody can afford to lose the data and hacking of the crucial files. This might be a big loss for an individual as well as for the business. There is an amount of security required to your laptop or PC to stay protected. AVG technology is popular due to several amazing features which help the people at the finest level. It is quite popular due to its advance aspect which are helping the businesses to be more productive and efficient. AVG has been the most powerful tool to protect the sites from various hurdle viruses and gives a security. From past years, it is adopted in the vast numbers by the people. The AVG makes an automatic scan of the files, software, and other components.

False Positive Detection to AVG

False Positive Detection to AVG

Several Steps To Report The False Positive Detection To AVG

  • Launch the AVG application by tapping on the icon right there.
  • Click on the three dots visible next to the file which needs to be reported.
  • Click on the option named – mark the report on the false.
  • Enter your Email-Id.
  • Write a small description in the description box if you (this step is not mandatory).
  • Click on send to complete the procedure.

By these steps, your report will be sent. In case, you are not getting any confirmation about it, then is the easiest way by which you can actually get the things done.

Essentials About False Positive Detection To AVG

If a sudden detection takes place on your website, there is a possibility of the site being infected due to some reason. Any file which has been flagged is reported as false positive detection to AVG virus lab. There is an online form by the AVG for such sites to be submitted. Ensure that you the“False alarm on file” section is turned on. Different software has different terms and conditions to submit the false positive file submission. Analyze the question related to the files thoroughly as there is a set of information required by you to submit for the detection.

What Kind Of Information Do Did You Need To Provide?

Before you make the request to submit the file, all you need is to gather the set of information such as:

  • Make an indication at the beginning that the information you are going to report is the wrongly detected information.
  • Mention the type of file where the detection occurred for instance while downloading or any other.
  • Which version of the AVG you are using?
  • What kind of threat database is used?
  • What specific detection is given by the AVG?
  • Information detected as harmful. Also, the website download link, and privacy policy.

Things are simpler, all it takes is the right way to do it with a step-by-step approach. If not able to meet the requirements then is all the way to help you throughout the procedure. 24/7 Support is provided with which, you can get rid of your confusions within a couple of minutes.

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